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  1. A Newbie Introduction to Blackjack
    Newbies will find blackjack an easy game to play and with only a little math involved. It is pretty much is a strategy game like poker. Using basic strategy, players get a chance to lower the house advantage and gain more winnings.
  2. Benefits From Employing the Card Counting Technique in Blackjack
    It is not enough that players know the basic elements of blackjack. To succeed, players should know effective strategies that they can apply to ensure better chances of beating the cards of the dealer. Hence, card counting is an important strategy that beginners should know to at least have a fair chance in the game.
  3. Blackjack Casinos in Wisconsin
    Blackjack is one of the popular casino games in Wisconsin. There are several blackjack casinos operating in this state that are owned by Indian groups. However, blackjack players must be aware that not all casinos in Wisconsin are ideal for them.
  4. Blackjack Double Down Bet
    The Blackjack double down bet is a good option for players who wish to make two bets in one round. In this way, they can increase their chances of bringing down the odds to their favor.
  5. Blackjack Tournament Trophy; Variations and Prices
    Every proper Blackjack tournament awards trophies to the players. There are up to six different kinds of trophies to choose from and each has a different price range, so make sure which trophy is called for in the Blackjack tournament.
  6. Blackjack: The Importance of Card Counting
    Card counting is a vital weapon in any blackjack player's arsenal. Without it, a player is held helpless as the odds remain firmly in the hands of the house and the dealer.
  7. Card Counting in Blackjack
    Edward Thorp was responsible for making card counting in blackjack very famous and controversial through his book entitled 'Beat the Dealer' that was published in 1962. Card counting is already illegal in the casinos because it is a very effective system in making money out of playing blackjack.
  8. How to Avoid Detection when Counting Cards in Blackjack
    Card counters are as welcome in casinos as house pests. Make a big bet on the first deal, play in several casinos, fake a betting strategy and learn shuffle tracking to avoid detection.
  9. How to Win Elimination Blackjack
    Eliminiation Blackjack is the tournament format of blackjack created by game guru Russ Hamilton. In Elimination Blackjack, a player is eliminated if one has the lowest number of chips after 8, 16, and 25 hands have been played. Learn more about playing Elimination Blackjack including its rules, tournament structure, prizes, and buy-in fee.
  10. Online Blackjack: What Do You Really Think About Yourself as a Player?
    At the casinos, there are lots of players playing the game of online blackjack. Although each would have their own habits, you should remind yourself that your own thoughts and actions can influence what will happen to your game.
  11. The Misconceptions of Blackjack
    They say that blackjack is the best card game they ever played. Perhaps, blackjack has a simple mechanics and it is easy to win pots here.
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