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How to Win Elimination Blackjack

Looking for more intense blackjack action? Up the excitement and intensity of blackjack gambling--- play against the dealer and against other players: join Elimination Blackjack.

Elimination Blackjack is a blackjack tournament created by Russ Hamilton. One can play the tournament on the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament and also in many casinos.

As it is in a poker tournament, the goal in Elimination Blackjack is to accumulate as many chips as possible. In fact, the player with the most number of chips after 30 hands have been played is considered the winner.

A 6-deck shoe is used in the tournament. Each table has a maximum of 7 players. There's a button that rotates among players. The button is the first to act. Each player is allowed 25 seconds decision time in a normal hand, and 45 seconds in "elimination hand."

In Elimination Blackjack, a player is allowed to split pairs to a maximum of 4 consecutive times. Doubling down is allowed as well as insurance and surrender. When a player surrenders, the casino takes only half of the original bet. The other half is returned to the player. The dealer always has to stand on hard 17 but split on soft 17 (an Ace and a 6).

Elimination Blackjack adds twist to the way blackjack is played. Once during the tournament, each player is allowed to use Secret Bet. A secret bet is a wager whose amount is not known by or disclosed to other players. The amount of the bet is revealed only after the conclusion of the player's hand.

To get a seat at Elimination Blackjack, player has to pay the buy-in and entry fee. In return, player gets gambling chips. The amount of starting chips varies from organization to organization hosting the tournament but the range is around $10,000 to $100,000. Bet limits vary also. Typically, however, the total amount of the starting chips is also the maximum bet.

Again, the goal in Elimination Blackjack is to acquire the most number of chips. The player with the least number of chips after the 8th, the 16th, and the 25th hand is eliminated. Another way a player can be eliminated from the tournament is when they lose all their chips. Lastly, a player is eliminated when the player's remaining chips are not enough to cover the minimum bet.

Elimination Blackjack has upped the intensity of the game by structuring the game like poker tournament. Thus, in Elimination Blackjack, you're not just playing against the dealer: you're to eliminate other players as well! How to do so? Keep winning big against the dealer to accumulate the most number of chips!

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