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Card Counting in Blackjack

Card counting in blackjack may have already existed even before the time of Dr. Edward Thorp in they year 1962. And if ever card counting do exist before Thorp's time, the system would have been very basic and undeveloped that it is not worth talking about.

When Thorp published the discovery book entitled "Beat the Dealer", the card counting system in blackjack have risen to the next level not expected before. The book became so popular that it was enlisted as a New York Time's best seller. Thorp explained in the book the basic strategies for betting and playing in blackjack that players can employ to have maximum success in the game.

The basic blackjack card counting system introduced in the book is the Hi-Lo card counting system. This card counting system is the most basic and easier of all. The Hi-Lo card counting system lets the blackjack player keep track of the cards played and enables the player to adjust the betting strategy to maximize the winnings.

In the book, Thorp was able to prove through the use of computers that there are some cards, which are advantageous to the blackjack players while other cards are advantageous to the dealer. When players keep track of the cards already played out, they will have a better idea of what are the possible cards still left in the deck. If the player's card counting predicts that the cards left in the deck are advantageous, they will raise their bets in order to increase their blackjack winnings.

The casinos during that time felt threatened of the card counting system explained in the book that they were forced to take some actions of the situation. Casinos changed the game rules of blackjack and that forced players to revolt against them. By and by, the casinos changed back the blackjack game rules to the original but introduce something else in blackjack like multiple shoes and players who are doing card counting are prohibited.

Through the book "Beat the Dealer", many blackjack card counting figures came into existence. The likes of Ken Uston, MIT Blackjack Team, and Julian Braun were able to prove that card counting in blackjack when executed correctly can let you gain thousands of dollars and even millions.

As of now, card counting is still prohibited in any casino, thus resulting to a cat and mouse chase between casinos and players who do card counting in blackjack.

You don't need to be very genius in mathematics in order to learn card counting in blackjack. Focus and concentration in the blackjack game is all you need to be a successful card counter. And the most important don't let the casinos caught you doing card counting.

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