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Blackjack Tournament Trophy; Variations and Prices

Every good and popular game can be made into a tournament. It is not that hard to make a Blackjack tournament if you already have some organizing skills. The most important thing about these Blackjack tournaments are the players itself, but what do you give them once they have won? We figured out which variations of trophies would go best with the Blackjack tournaments.

There are different ways of honoring a winner at a Blackjack tournament, but a trophy is an absolute must for every Blackjack tournament to give away, no matter if it is for the champion or for the minor awards. There are six to seven different kinds of trophies that you can avail for your Blackjack tournament.

The most common trophy for Blackjack competitions and tournaments is the trophy made out of acryl. Acryl is a type of glass that is more resistant and thicker than ordinary glass. You can order your acryl trophy from any trophy shop and ask them to carve the desired words. All in all, acryl trophies should range from a minimum of $50 up to $300 depending on size and lettering.

The next type of trophy is the metal based trophy. This can be a metal plaque on top of a wooden trophy or a half metal half glass trophy, or even a purely metal trophy. The metal trophies are cheaper than one would expect and the minimum price can go as low as $30 up to $100.

Marble trophies also serve a good purpose in your Blackjack tournament. These goodies are available upon request and can be availed in the price range of $50 to $200 depending on size and width. Another special Blackjack trophy can be the laser carved trophy which contains a laser image within acryl glass. This trophy variety is very affordable and can be bought even below $100. These trophies will give a long lasting impression to the tournament players.

The ultimate and most expensive Blackjack tournament trophy is the crystal trophy. These trophies cannot even be availed of below $100. The crystal trophies are very pricey and the event should be big enough and appropriate enough to call for such a trophy. The price ranges from $150 all the way to $500.

If you do not want to invest a lot of money and the Blackjack tournament is only local and small, you can even opt for the plastic or simple glass trophies which are available for $50 and below. Whichever trophy you choose, make sure that the carving is right and that everything looks good so that they can be presented to you Blackjack tournament players.

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