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Blackjack: The Importance of Card Counting

Any good blackjack player know at least the most rudimentary of card counting procedures. It's the most common blackjack tip and also one of the most important ones. You hear it everywhere and many casinos insist that it is a bad thing - but what is it really and how can a casual gambler make good use of it?

Card counting in blackjack is simple the logically based method or principle that allows a good player with a decent amount of discipline to easily keep track of the cards that have been dealt at that table. That seems like a mouthful for a simple blackjack tip but it happens to be a strategy that anyone could potentially learn. Before you go off and do in depth research and practice, you must first learn and understand its purpose in a game that is fundamentally mathematical, as knowing how to use it may be more important than learning it.

There are some traits that crossover to different card counting systems. Most blackjack card counting systems start with a count of zero. It goes without saying that the cards you need to be aware of are not only your own but the cards distributed across the table, as those are cards that you cannot get to improve your current hand. If you don't keep track of everything, you'll act on incorrect information and could potentially lose a lot of money. Generally, the positive count is a good thing. This, for most systems means that the lower end of the card spectrum had been dealt out.

This of course denotes several important facts. This suggests that your opponent in blackjack, the dealer, will bust more. It also implies that on average, players will get more blackjacks than the dealer. Your bets should usually be proportional to the count. If the count is high, you throw in big and mighty bets to properly use your card counting system. A player must remain vigilant however, as the count could drop low and could make your cards worth less.

Practice and discipline remain important blackjack tips no matter what the card counting system. As with many things, card counting systems become useless if not practice or if not followed consistently. It varies from person to person as to how much practice is really needed, but the good news is a dedicated player can use a few blackjack tips and practice anywhere. Make charts, bring it around with you and memorize it when you're idling, such as when you're on the bus or subway. In case of confusion or uncertainty, consult them. Rote memory should handle the rest.

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