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Blackjack Double Down Bet

The basic rules of a blackjack game are quite simple and easy to understand. The main objective is to get near with 21 before the dealer does. In this game, you will be given two cards at the start of the game and then you will receive another one as long as you are not still close to 21 or if the total number of your cards is higher than 21, where in you are losing your wager. When you receive the first two cards being dealt to you by the dealer, you have the freedom to play double down. This means that you can double your bet while receiving one card only. For some players, this is quite a good strategy especially if you are holding a card requiring only one hit and if you are confident enough that the card you are holding are far more better than what the dealer is holding.

However, the double down option is only allowed on the first two cards of the players only. But, there are some casino allowing double down even after splitting. For example, in most Northern Las Vegas Nevada casinos, they allow double down for the first two cards only. There are also some casinos that does not allow players to make a double down even on the first two cards. In situations like this, the best way to do is to make a hit.

You can also have the freedom to use the double blackjack option when playing the face down game. This is done by tossing up the two cards that are faced up right in front of your bet on the table. If you choose to use the double down option, you can place an additional bet on the betting round by placing the added bet just adjacent to your original bet and never above it. However, when when it comes to the face down, the dealer will usually tuck an additional card that faced down and placing it under your original bet which will be revealed later on in the game. The players are allowed to make a double down with any amount of bet but not more than the original. This means to say that you could make a lesser bet for a double down. But, if in the case double down is the correct one to play, then you must always double for a full amount of bet if you can.

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