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How to Avoid Detection when Counting Cards in Blackjack

Professional blackjack is really a secret profession. You don't want everyone else in on what you do, and most of all not the casinos. Letting the casinos know what you're doing would spell the end of your budding blackjack career. So without further ado, let's see what you can do to avoid detection when counting cards at the table.

- Go to different casinos.

Playing in the same casino all the time would make you all too familiar to the pit bosses and the rest of the staff. Try patronizing various gambling houses. Visit them at different times of the day on an irregular basis. That will make you look more like an average gambler than a professional card counter.

There are setbacks here though. Spreading your playing time over several casinos will affect your comp rating. It can also disrupt your playing schedule. But you should always check out other casinos anyway, so you can take advantage of favorable rules and promos.

- Get chummy with the casino staff.

While casino employees are generally mean toward card counters and should be regarded as enemies in principle, don't forget that they are human. If you have a talent for making friends and winning people over, use it and it will help you avoid detection. When the casino personnel see you as a friendly customer, their tendency is to be less suspicious and watchful. So pay them compliments, show respect, ask politely if you want a comp, and tip generously if you're winning.

- Find tables with a low minimum bet and a wide bet spread.

Tables with low minimum bets are less watched by the pit bosses and surveillance teams. There is less money at stake there. On the other hand, a wide bet spread means there is a big disparity between the minimum and maximum bets allowed on the table. Playing blackjack under such conditions is good for counting cards. It helps you avoid detection while also permitting more flexibility to your betting.

- Place a big bet on the first hand after a shuffle.

One very blatant sign of counting cards is a low or minimum bet on the first hand after a shuffle. When the dealers or pit bosses notice you always bet small on the first hand, you may get flagged. So once in a while make a big bet on the first hand.

- Use a safe betting system on the first few hands.

Again, this is after a fresh shuffle, and its purpose is to disguise the fact you are counting cards. Use a positive progression system or some other that is conservative. To do this, play at a blackjack table with a minimum bet that's smaller than your average bet, and much lower than your optimum bet.

- Learn how to do shuffle tracking.

Shuffle tracking is the latest development in the blackjack advantage playing world. It is based in counting cards, but instead of just counting during hands, you also track regions of cards as they are shuffled. Shuffle tracking increases the player advantage and also helps you avoid detection more since the actions of a shuffle tracker are harder to read.

In the underground world of blackjack, camouflage and discretion are a must. Be on your guard always. You can beat the dealer at the table; it's those lurking around that you are really up against.

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