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A Newbie Introduction to Blackjack

Blackjack is a casino card game that gives the players a chance to lower the house edge, which simply translates to more opportunities to beat your dealer. Some players call the game blackjack and others also call the game twenty-one. Either way, both terms still refer to the same game. As mentioned, there is only one way to win in blackjack and that is to beat your dealer's hand.

The best hand you can ever get in blackjack is also called blackjack. It has a numeric value of 21, thus the other name for the game. You usually get this when you are dealt a ten-value card, such as a Queen or any picture card, and an Ace, which is given a value of either one or 11.

Newbies should realize that there are more than one type of game you'll find out there. Not all tables playing the game will have exactly the same rules. One very important thing that newbies should look out for is the number of decks in play. Different tables have different number of decks used. The number of decks can range from one to as much as eight decks.

Each table will have some kind of rule adjustment where player's options may be limited. For example, some tables will allow the surrender option some will not. There are also tables that will allow you to double after splits and some will not. It is important for newbies to understand what these rules mean and to choose the table that has the most beneficial rules.

Identifying a blackjack table may sometimes be quite a challenge for newbies. A simple pointer is to look for a table with green felt. Check the outline of the table and look for something that says the name of the game and something like how much does a blackjack will pay, which might say pays three to two or similar.

The next lesson for newbies is card valuation. Since the idea of the game is to get a hand that has a higher value than your dealer's, it is therefore fundamental to learn how to gauge the value of your hand. The number cards get a value of the number printed on them (e.g. five of clubs gets a value of five etc.). The picture cards always take on a value of ten. You'll assign your Ace either as one or 11 depending on which value won't make you go over 21 points. The math in blackjack is easy since you'll only get two cards initially and add up their values.

This game is a lot easier to play since it doesn't have that much of a technical hype compared to other casino card games. Just like other strategy card games like poker, blackjack allows players to win more using basic strategy to lower the game's house edge.

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